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Our Philosophy

There are many things that make Trinity Baptist Church a great church, but the following “top five” things are consistently voiced as the core values of our church.  What would our congregation want you to know about Trinity?…read through the list and find out!
  1. Great Teaching – There is a variety of Bible-based teaching and opportunities to learn about God (like Bible Information Group B.I.G. classes)
  2. Caring People – The people are welcoming, friendly, and genuinely seem to care about visitors and each other.
  3. Small Groups – There is an assortment of discipleship focused small groups that usually meet away from the church, for those who want to be intentional about their spiritual growth (like Care Group, Growth Group, Life Group).
  4. Diversity & Unity – People of many different countries and cultures come together as one.
  5. Urban Service – There are ministries focused on meeting the needs of Brockton residents (like Manna Dinner and Benevolence Fund, our way of providing short term help those in financial need).


Our Focus on Discipleship

In addition to the “top five” list above, intentional discipleship forms the foundation for everything we do at TBC.   What is Disciplemaking?  Disciple-making is the intentional, life-on-life process that occurs in the framework of loving, mutually accountable relationships in the local church whereby people are willingly being challenged from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity. When a person is able and willing to be used of God to come along side another so that together they experience the joy of spiritual growth this person leaves the ranks of mere “follower” of Jesus and joins Him as a fellow disciple-maker. It is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians on this side of heaven.

Therefore, in a disciplemaking church the “main event” is not the Sunday morning worship service (though it is special!). The main event is typically the godly training that occurs in the small group. It is there that the KEY ingredients for successful discipleship are best implemented to include the intentional training of persons desirous of growing in Christ, the use of accountability, on the basis of loving relationships. The typical kind of comment found in an intentional disciplemaking church is, “My life is changing in ways I never knew could happen!”

Discipleship is not a pulpit-centric ministry.  In a disciple-making church it is clearly understood that spiritual growth is not primarily achieved by people sitting but by walking. That is, most people learn best by doing things themselves not just by watching someone else do it. That is why those who only learned to sit in the pews rarely come to spiritual maturity. That is why people who have been coming to worship services for years still fail miserably when they come face to face with the painful challenges of life. Rarely does the pew sitter take what they hear in a sermon and actually apply it to their marriage, or their community. Even worse, the success of the whole church becomes dependent on things like the size of the offering on Sundays and not the size of the heart of its people. A person that let’s their faith lead them into godly action is a person committed to bearing fruit. Bearing fruit, fruit that will last is what we are to be striving to do.  By design, the most essential (and usually the busiest) person in the traditional church is the pastor.  In such a church philosophy the pastor is seen as the resident spiritual expert and sometimes even the token holy person. This expert has the privilege of the pulpit ministry around which most of the church life revolves. Very often the pulpit ministry is the main event of the church. The identity and even the reputation of the church is primarily measured on the success of the Sunday worship event. Of course, a “good” church member is someone who comes faithfully to that main event, the worship service. Except for a very hard working 10% -20 % of the congregation there is very little expected of the eighty-percent.

So if discipleship is something you’re excited about, contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved with Trinity in making discipleship as Jesus has called us to do!

Jesus Is First, I Am Second

I Am Second

We are all here for a reason.  We all have a purpose:  love God; love people.  Here are compelling, firsthand accounts of how God reached people where they were and gave them peace, hope, and joy.  He can do the same for you.  I Am Second.


If you're looking for a church home in Brockton, contact us to learn more about Trinity Baptist Church, and consider yourself personally invited to join us any Sunday morning at 9:30 AM or 11:15 AM to worship together!

Our passion is helping the people and the city of Brockton become all that God has in store!